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ARUWYE Sparkle Kidz Programme

The Evening study centers were started as a dropout prevention program to take initiatives to prevent children from becoming drop outs from schools. The children who study in the centers are the first generation learners therefore their parents are illiterate and unable to follow their lessons and assignments. As a result of this program the rate of the dropouts from schools has considerably decreased in the respective areas.

To ensure free and compulsory education for all the children Auxilium ARUWYE organizes Evening tuition centers in 22 centers, continued educational programmers in 5 centers and transit schools in 4 centers. The present aim of the program is to enhance the quality of the education of the children through the coaching given in the evening study centers. We are planning for interventions which would enable the children to gain competency in reading, writing and numeracy skills. As the children lack a solid foundation in the lower classes, they find it difficult to survive in their educational course after tenth standard. Therefore an assistance which would enable them to continue their studies with confidence and accomplishment is the need at present.