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  1. To empower youth, children and women with positive self-profile through integral education and expanding employability skills.
  2. To develop, disseminate and mainstream successful experiences, best practices and rights based approaches and strategies.
  3. To facilitate the ongoing capacity development of Sisters and lay collaborators, especially in networking, campaigning, lobbying and advocacy.
  4. To promote holistic, preventive and curative community health care methods, including psycho-spiritual.
  5. To build state level network for priority people for focused intervention and to be recognized by the Government as partners in development of the marginalized.
  6. To create systems and mechanisms to mobilize resources through government, local, national and international organizations to support the developmental activities.
  7. To work closely with FMA-NDF in accomplishing its mission.
  8. To create greater visibility through publication of reports, website and engaging in micro researches.

To build up social dimension in the provinces by organizing social trainings to decision makers as well as those in formation and to promote collective reflection process to contextualize FMA charism.

Vision & Mission

VISION ARUWYE envisages a just, harmonious and eco-friendly society where the integral and sustainable development of the marginalized is e