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Neighborhood Children Parliaments result in improvement in studies and growth in discipline and social responsibility

Platform is created for students to practice leadership skills through School Children Parliaments.

Present day social challenges like social injustices, inequalities, poverty, corruption, terrorism, unemployment, lack of basic humaness, disease, casteism, communalism and atrocities against women, children and socially and economically weak and so on are the direct result of lack of basic human relationship among people and people’s (at individual level) active participation in governance.

Governance here means, direct power  in the whole process of identifying their own problems and needs, discussing them, taking decision to set them right, charting out suitable action plans for the same, implementing the action plans and evaluating the implementation and so on.

                Towards this, we promote the platforms for children where they can cultivate basic human relationship among them in their own neighborhood and the importance of children’s participation in self-governance and in the above whole processes by educating, organising and empowering them which alone will lead to the much needed social change through a programme called “Children’s Parliament”.

Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament (NCP) is the concept that is now widely accepted to be the appropriate way to help the children grow in leadership qualities and social responsibility. NCP gives children an opportunity to think about the needs of their neighbours and help them as much as they are able to. Through NCPs they come to know the various departments of parliaments and their activities and they commit various social work activities by passing resolutions in their NCPs and writing petitions on social issues. ARUWYE is engaged in formation of NCPs by training the Evening Study Center children in our working areas towards a noble cause of giving an opportunity to children to grow in social consciousness and leadership and to stand for the rights of children.

Following trainings are given to Children’s Parliaments

  1. 1.      Functional Training
  2. 2.      Life skill Training
  3. 3.      Value clarification exercises