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Aruwye's Programs

ARUWYE's Empowering Programs:

1. Formation of Neighborhood Children Parliaments (NCP) and School Children Parliaments (SCP):

Fostering active participation and leadership among children, empowering them to voice their concerns and contribute to community development.

2. Human Rights Education for Children:

Educating children on their rights, promoting awareness, and instilling values of justice and equality.

3. Awareness on Health and Hygiene for Children and Women:

Promoting well-being through education on health and hygiene, ensuring healthier futures for children and women.

4. Evening Study Centers:

Providing a conducive learning environment beyond regular school hours, supporting educational advancement.

5. Motivational Sessions for Students:

Inspiring and guiding students through motivational sessions to ignite their potential and drive for success.

6. Vocational Training:

Equipping individuals with practical skills through vocational training, enhancing employability and self-sufficiency.

7. Summer Classes:

Offering enriching summer classes to bridge educational gaps, nurture talents, and provide a platform for holistic development.

8. Job Mela and Job Placement:

Facilitating opportunities for employment through job fairs and ensuring successful job placements for individuals.

9. Self-Employment Training:

Empowering individuals to become self-reliant entrepreneurs through targeted training and support.

10. Training on Leadership and Entrepreneurship:

Nurturing leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills among individuals for sustainable community development.

11. Soft and Life Skills Training:

Developing essential soft skills and life skills, empowering individuals to navigate challenges and thrive in various aspects of life.

12. Financial Literacy Program for Women and Children:

Promoting financial education and literacy, empowering women and children to make informed financial decisions.


To empower youth, children and women with positive self-profile through integral education and expanding employability skills. To develop