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Children parliament on 03 May 2014 | Saturday

A Healthy Kattunaickanpatti is our dream

Kurunji Malargal Children's parliament is formed by the children of Kattunaickenpatti village which belongs to Ottapidaram Block of Tuticorin District. We qre very happy to share with you our experience of functioning together as Neighbourhood children's parliament.

The intra-parliament meeting conducted in Keela Eral enabled us to acquire skills in problem analysis and identification of resources. During one of our NCP meetings, a serious issue on health hazards came up during the discussion. As many people were affected by fever and diarrhea in the locality this was considered as the urgent problem to be solved. The Minister for Health and Hygient took up the responsibility to meet the local nurse to find the cause of these sicknesss. The nurse said that mosquitoes were the cause of ill health in the area. Prvention of the breeding of mosquitoes was highlighted and given as a target to the children.

The findings were presented in the next meeting. NCP members discussed the issue and decided to enact street plays on eradication of mosquitoes in the area. The Health Minister and the Cultural Minister decided to plan the event. Thus a resolution was passed and the members engaged in practicing the street play on the consequence of keeping the surrounding unclean, causes for the breeding of mosquitoes and the effect of mosquito bites. We also pledged that we will not allow sagnant water in our surroundings and that we will ensure that the garbage is cleaned often.

We remind our neighburhood to clean the surroundings and engage ourselves in cleaning the places which we use regularly. We are happy to be members of Kurinji Malargal Children's Parliament and we want to  bring health and wealth to our village.