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15-08-2023 | Venue: Little Flower Convent, Pallikonda,Vellore

Independence Day


15th August,2023




  • Number of Participants: 100
  • Resource Person (RP) Name: Mr. Suntharamoorthi
  • Background of the RP: Revenue Inspector (RI)


Objective of the Training:

The program aimed to inspire students to become great leaders in the future.


Training Description:

The training focused on guiding students to leverage the opportunities provided by the school to excel in the future.


Special activities included:


Video clips showcasing freedom fighters

Speech competition

Pyramid formation



The training aimed to instill values of being a peacemaker and standing for justice and truth. The children pledged to work hard, dream big, and advocate for justice and equality.



Encouraged students to be peacemakers

Instilled a commitment to uphold values of justice and truth


Suggestions for Improvement:

Emphasized the importance of consistently standing for good values.


This Independence Day program at MISEAN CARA Pallikonda Centre, led by Mr. Suntharamoorthi, successfully inspired students to aspire to be great leaders in the future, fostering a commitment to justice and truth.

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